Here are testimonials for my coaching:

“Working with LA has proven to be an invaluable asset to my creative life. She has seen me through very chaotic and artistically confused times, always providing words of reason, and the ability to see into issues and provide clarity. One of the biggest assets she has given me is the ability to, as I would put it: “holistically self-diagnose” meaning she has taught me the ability to step outside myself when I am encountering a creative blockage, having a bad day artistically, or just generally stuck and take small wise steps to get back creative freedom, and sense of accomplishment as an artist.” – Alex Tolini

“Working with LA has been an eyeopening, rewarding and productive experience.  When we first met I was lost.  LA truly listened to me and my story and gently guided me to find my way.  She helped me to re-ignite my creativity and allowed me the time and space to dig in and discover my purpose.  I really look forward to our weekly meetings- it keeps me focused, on task and on track to reach my business goals- which 8 weeks ago I didn’t know I had!” – Katherine Simonetti

“Since adding LA as my creative coach my creative business has taken off with forward progress. In a matter of weeks we were able to pin point key steps needed to take my creative business to the next level. I am now represented by a local gallery which gets lots of foot traffic and sold not only multiple small pieces but the largest painting I’ve created to date. LA has allowed me to find a forward thinking attitude about what large task needs to be done next while maintaining to check off small tasks along the way.

“One of my favorite side effects from having LA involved with my creative business is the help she has given me to ‘leave my work at the office’. Talking to LA has kept my ‘to do list’ on paper and out of mind and most importantly non-existant from conversations over the dinner table. It has truly felt like a team effort which is enjoyable since most of the week I work alone.” – Eddie Aaronson