Proceed Until Apprehended

Creative inspiration can come from anywhere.

For example, my new favorite inspirational phrase is “Proceed Until Apprehended.”

A client uses this phrase to encourage me to find new ways to benefit his nonprofit. I do a bit of PR, post on his social media, send out the newsletter twice a month, and developed a small fundraising campaign. As new ideas come into my mind, I’ll discuss them with him to see if it aligns with what they want to be doing. With almost every one, he throws the phrase at me or shortens it to a three-letter acronym. “PUA,” he’ll type. “Proceed until apprehended,” and I’m off and running.

Where did he learn it?

During his time serving in the military.

The military. Not an organization typically thought of as “creative.”

Creative inspiration can come from anywhere.

For me, Proceed Until Apprehended means to keep going, to continue along my path, to explore my curiosities and delve into new experiences until someone tells me to stop.

And people rarely tell me to stop.

When they do, the phrase makes me feel like a secret agent. Perhaps you caught me this time, Blofeld, but I’ve got a mission! I’ll figure out how to make it happen while you’re cuddling your kitty in your secret super villain lair.

Whether I’m exploring the possibilities, finding a way around a barrier, or running toward a new project at full speed, “Proceed Until Apprehended” works as a rallying cry for my body and spirit.

What phrase prompts your creative inspiration?