Group Coaching

Group Coaching

$10/session, Up to ten participants per session, 90 minutes

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Saturday, 12Noon ET, 11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT

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Share your challenges and celebrations as you make positive steps toward your goal with these group coaching sessions. These sessions help you achieve your goals by giving you accountability on your tasks, building community by finding and giving support to others, and celebrating your creative expression in the world. All of this occurs in a nonjudgmental space, one where guilt and shame are not welcome. A space where possibility is embraced and the word “should” is excised from our conversation.

In these sessions, we start with a short meditation. Then we share our celebrations, our challenges and our goals to achieve by the next session. The group works together to support each other through our challenges and celebrates our victories. We end with a short creativity exercise to spark our inspiration and jumpstart our imagination.