about LA

Hello! I’m LA (as in tra-la-la) Bourgeois, and I am a creativity and business coach.

And this is what I believe:

Exploring your creativity invites joy into your life.
Embracing your creativity infuses your life with joy.
Manifesting your creativity gives you a joyous purpose.

And we – the “all the world, all the universe, everyone including your grandmother and your barista” we –

We need Your Art.

We need Your Art to delight our eyes, to hold our coffee, to scream our frustration to the galaxy, to celebrate our joys, to tell us our own stories.

Your Art is your creativity manifesting your meaning in the world.

Everyone is creative. Each time you make a decision, whether what to eat or what to wear or how to paint a canvas, you express your creativity.

And each form of creativity has its own audience. Someone out there is waiting to see what you have to create. Your special something. Your curious creation.

How We Work Together

I love helping all kinds of artists manifest their creativity. Through a combination of creative play and exploration of your curiosity, we work together to inspire you to create your chosen art form. Then, we continue the work by finding the space to put your art into the world.

You explore and manifest your creativity through my combination of exercises and accountability. Then, if you want to create a business around your art, my business experience and knowledge are at your service.

I am your number one cheerleader. I am the one who tells you to go for it, who helps you create milestones along the way to your goal and who helps you pick yourself up and continue when the road seems too hard.

I listen. I learn. I advise. I laugh.

I am here to support you as you connect with your creativity, find your meaning and manifest it in the world.

And I delight in doing so.

When I am talking to you, I am with you. If something comes up during the week which makes me think of you, I let you know.

We all experience ups and downs – emotionally, economically, artistically. I am here to help you travel through them with an eye toward enhancing your creative life. I am invested in your success. As life twists and turns, I continue to be a presence in your life. (Unless you don’t want me to do that. I’m not a stalker!)

Most of the time, the real work is play. You forget that as you grow up. Life and work can bear you down, pushing the fun to the side.

I help you remember how to play, and then I support you as you transform that play into inspiration and motivation.

We work together to grow your creative business, transforming it from your dream into your reality.

Life Experience and Education

Oh! You want to know more about my life experience and education? Let’s go!

I was born in a hospital in Boston, Massachusetts in 1970, the first baby my first doctor ever delivered.

Not that far back? Ok.

I grew up in Arkansas in the seventies and eighties.

Still too far?

While getting my BA in Theatre from the University of Denver, I studied creativity and imagination as I played on and behind the stage. In the small program, I engaged in every part of theatre – from acting on the stage to producing. Critical thinking joined my lust for learning as I delved into anthropology as my minor. The combination of these skills and tools developed my philosophy that creativity serves us just as our business skills do, and a balance of both is necessary for success.

After university, I became a serial entrepreneur beginning with my own administrative assistant & computer consulting service. Since then, I’ve run an internet service provider, internet cafe, wine and liquor store, bar, and yarn and fabric shop. I veered into being an employee with positions such as finance and administrative lead at a nonprofit arts council and bookkeeper & office manager at a small furniture manufacturer. Throughout, I maintained my creative practices as a writer and knitting designer & teacher.

In all of these projects, I worked behind the scenes as the lead administrator, bookkeeping, managing employees, and setting up systems so the businesses ran smoothly.

In 2017, I read a book called Creativity for Life by Eric Maisel and learned about creativity coaching. When I discovered this profession, I couldn’t believe how well it seemed to fit my philosophy of life. I resisted (of course!) until 2019 when I took courses from the same Eric Maisel and began creativity and business coaching professionally.

Using both organizational and creative skills continues to serve me and my clients as we travel down our paths toward a contented success.

Want to know more? Contact me at la@labourgeois.biz or call me at (970)879-2388.