Could You Use A Break?

I don’t know about you, but my spring was a horror show.

Sure, there were a couple of bright points, a vacation in Palm Springs, going to my niece’s wedding at a gorgeous winery in southern California, my sister-in-law visiting us in North Carolina, but overall….it wasn’t a good time. My mother died, my eighteen year old Dolce-Bella kitty died, Stephanie went to the ER three times leading to a twelve-day internment in the hospital where we finally broke her out and took her home so she could actually heal and recover. (Full story here if you are interested.)

And now I am disheartened by the erosion of my rights as a woman as well as the announcement that the next target is the queer community.

Two-for-one has never been more depressing.

So yeah. I could use a break. How about you? Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, sad? Has the inspiration drained from your life? Feel like your creativity has taken a leave of absence?

When I returned to my Refill Your Creative Well Not-A-Challenge notes from last year, I realized that I couldn’t go all in on that process for one week, let alone a whole month! I gotta keep kibble in the pet bowls and gas in the car!

Image by AGNIESZKA WEN from Pixabay
Image by AGNIESZKA WEN from Pixabay

Working for myself as a professional writer and coach means that I need to keep plugging away, creating for myself and my clients.

And I bet most of you are in the same position.

With that in mind, I’m inviting you to join a new kind of Not-A-Challenge—a process that supports you in integrating a connection with your body, soul, and creativity even as you continue with your regular work.

Creating the habit of collecting inspiration is as important as the creative habit itself. We tend to ignore this part of our existence, thinking that we can run our creative selves forever, exhaling our creativity non-stop into the world without even one inhalation of inspiration. But, just like a car, we’ve got to fuel up sometimes.

This process is designed to do exactly this, but more like a fighter jet in the air, refueling on the move!

Join me to:

Renew your connection with your creativity
Collect the inspiration needed and discover ways to keep it flowing
Nurture yourself so your body and soul can continue to create for many years to come!

Best part? There’s no sign-up! Just click on the “Not-A-Challenge” category to read the next piece in the series. I’ll be posting them once a week for the next couple of months, so come back anytime.

See You Soon!