Your People Want to Hear From You

Okay, so by now you know that I am a big fan of newsletters. I love to receive them. I love to send them. I love the imaginative ways people share their message.

And I’m constantly surprised at how apologetic people sound around their missives. “I don’t want to bother people” is a common remark. “I’d hate for someone to get annoyed.”

That’s normal. We don’t want to bug people, and of all those people we don’t want to annoy, our customers, patrons, clients, and readers top our lists!

However, consider this: When you sign up for a newsletter, do you put your email address into the slot and hit “Sign Up” because you don’t want them to email you?

Or can you not wait to see what else they have to share? The first time that newsletter lands in my inbox, I hit the open button and plunge into that world. And if I enjoy it, I’ll do the same thing every time that newsletter shows up.

Your audience wants to hear from you. That’s why they signed up.

If this statement makes you uncomfortable or if your first reaction is “That can’t be right,” would you be willing to try a little exercise with me?

Ask yourself, “What would it feel like to believe that people wanted to hear from me?”

Do you think you could believe just 5% that people wanted to hear from you? Or could you spend just 15 seconds believing that people wanted to hear from you?

If nothing else, can you ACT as if people wanted to hear from you? After all, if they want to hear from other folks, why not you?

Whether you are sending a newsletter, posting on Instagram, or networking at an event, communicating with customers, readers, patrons, and potential clients is a necessary part of our business life. Marketing, at its most basic, is sharing our business proposition with people.

And those folks who have signed up for your newsletter list? They are the warmest audience

Photo by Alfonso Scarpa on Unsplash

you can find. They’ve signed up because they want to hear from YOU.

Maybe it’s time to say hello.


***This piece is informed by and uses Kaizen-Muse Creativity Tools™.