Breaking Resistance

As I approached this piece, I looked at the blank screen and wondered, what if I insult people? What if I give people the wrong idea? What if I don’t write it “Right”? I sat and stared at that white screen and “what if”ed until I realized what I was doing.

I was Resisting.

Resistance shows up for all of us. It breaks into our hearts and tells us we’re not good enough. It pushes its way into our minds and tells us we need to work on this piece a little while longer to find perfection. It shoves itself into our dreams and tells us that we’re not strong enough to make them happen.

And that is, I hate to say it, normal. Natural. Usual. We all confront resistance throughout our creative endeavors.

So what can you do to break its hold on your work?

One key is to look at your past. When has this happened to you before? What did you do at that time?

If you can’t think of another time that you were able to overcome your resistance, what do you think might work? Can you imagine a way to push that block to the side?

Maybe not. Maybe you’re still stuck. But you are not alone.

By joining me here and reading these blog posts each week, you’ve started your journey. You have seen how small steps can break down your tasks into manageable bits. How empowering your belief in yourself and your dreams pulls that resistance apart. How recognizing your progress rips resistance into small shreds.

And the final blow to resistance is the encouragement to do it anyway. Start before you are ready. Take the path you never took before. Embrace audacity.

Resistance is a natural part of your artistic journey. But you don’t have to confront it alone.

Working with a coach, whether it’s me or someone else, isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of focus. Of seeing what is necessary to get to your next level and taking that step.

And I have trained, studied, and gathered tools and techniques to empower you to skip right past resistance and get to work. To make progress. To embrace the joy and contentment of a life that includes your art.

If you would like some support, reach out to me at I’m taking on a certain number of clients at $200 for our initial four-session package (a savings of 50% off my usual rate) as I finish my Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching certification.

Photo by Ryan Fields on Unsplash

Together, we can knock down your carefully constructed resistance like a toddler destroying

his tower of blocks.