Newsletters, Part 5: The Great Lead Magnet

The lead magnet. The opt-in offer. Bribes. Freemiums. Gifts. Lots of names for one simple thing—something you give away in return for someone signing up for your email list.

I’ve received PDFs that give me instructions on how to improve my Instagram presence, writing skills, and marketing practices. Links to yoga videos, guided meditations, songs, knitting patterns, and artistic images all downloaded onto my computer saying “Thanks for signing up!”

Yep. Anything can be a lead magnet! Isn’t that fabulous?

So, what are the qualities of a great lead magnet?

  • 1. Attracts people to sign up for your newsletter
    2. Rewards people for signing up for your newsletter
    3. Encourages people to delve deeper into connection with you
    4. Feels good and easy to give away
    5. Represents your work in a way that makes you proud

Let’s get started! Shall we begin with number five?

Represents Your Work in a Way that Makes You Proud

We LOVE creating. Our natural way to be is in our studios, offices, wherever we work, creating our art. Creating things gives us a big charge of energy and we can’t wait to do it again.

So, now is the time to really let ourselves go and think differently. Brainstorm. Have fun! Get into creation mode!

However, as you embark on this process of creation, remember that you want the lead magnet to connect directly to your work and what you do with your newsletter. This thing demonstrates what you do, giving potential clients a little taste of your philosophy, tools, and work.

Make this piece something you are proud to put out into the world. This could be the first or only way a patron will make contact with you, so make it count.

Plus, as you’ll be using this piece to attract people to sign up for your newsletter, you’ll want to be able to point to it in any number of situations and say, “Look! I did this! Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll give it to you! You’re gonna love it!”

Feels Easy To Give Away

Okay, so you’ve created this thing that you are sooooo proud of! And now you’re going to give it away. Not precisely for free! In return for signing up for your newsletter. But still, people may sign up for your email list to get your free thing and then immediately unsubscribe. Or, worse yet, they may give your gift away to other folks!

FYI – This is why you ALWAYS put your information on your lead magnet in some way. Include your website, email address, landing page address, and/or a short bio of who you are and what you do so random people who find this piece can get more if they resonate with you.

So, you want to feel good about this being in the world. And you want to feel good about giving it away. And you want to feel good about people coming across this in weird and wonderful places.

Take a good hard look at your piece and ask yourself how you feel when you think of this piece running free in the world. No one but you will know the answer to that, and no one but you has to know.

If it feels like you are giving away too much or revealing more of your methods than you want or maybe you think there’s enough value there to sell it instead of gifting it, then pull back. Clip off bits here and there. Amend the work so it teases rather than giving away all your secrets. Or go back to the drawing board and come up with something else.

Do whatever you have to do to feel good about sending this piece out into the world—No Strings Attached!

Just like any good gift.

Encourages People to Delve into Deeper Connection

At its most basic, a lead magnet is a piece of marketing. And the point of marketing is to encourage people to purchase your work.

Thus, create a lead magnet that encourages people to connect with you, to deepen their involvement, to want more of what you offer. Your lead magnet should tease a bit as it shows what you can do.

One way is to keep your piece short. By creating a piece that is easily consumed, you automatically leave the reader or viewer wanting more.

This is where encouragement dovetails with not giving away too much. By holding back, you invite people to explore more of what you do. And that ultimately leads them further into your beautiful world of wonders!

Attracts People to Sign Up

Of course, the lead magnet needs to be attractive. But how do you do that?!

Begin by asking yourself, “What have I done in the past that attracted people?”

Don’t contain your thoughts solely to business. In all of your experiences, when have you attracted people? What were you doing? What was the feeling you had? How did you know that you’d attracted those folks? In what ways were they attracted to you and what you were doing?

If you can’t think of any past experiences, use that amazing imagination of yours! What COULD you do to attract people? Make a list of all of the ways that your lead magnet might attract potential customers.

Now, how can you apply these ideas and qualities to your lead magnet?

Did people react because you looked good? Take your time to doll up that lead magnet!

Maybe people loved what you had to say in the way that you said it. Infuse your lead magnet with your personality. Relax and let loose a bit. Present your heart and soul in this thing and let it soar.

Perhaps people responded to your obvious pride in your work or a mastery displayed. Allow your greatness to be seen through this piece.

If you are really lost, ask customers what attracted them to your business. What drew them to you? What do they like about what you do? Did they like the color? Maybe they were looking for a certain thing. Or were they looking for someone to help them with their podcasting or their marketing. Or maybe they just love your writing and want to read more of it.

And even if you haven’t actually started this work, ask people you trust, “What qualities do I have that you think would make me a good [fill in the blank]?”

Seriously. Just bald-faced ask them.

Once you’ve gathered that research, apply these ideas and qualities to your lead magnet.

Rewards People For Signing Up

Finally, your lead magnet gift says “Thank You!” to people for signing up for your newsletter. You want your subscribers to feel your gratitude flowing through this piece.

This could mean something as simple as ending your piece with “Thank you,” or something as grand as a fireworks display. It’s up to you. Have fun with your gratitude!

After all, not everyone signs up to get the free thing. Sometimes they sign up because they already want to find out more about you and your work. The gift of the lead magnet is just a wonderful byproduct!

Time to Make a Lead Magnet

Well, now it’s time to get out of my world and dive into yours to make your awesome lead magnet. Have fun with it, and when you’re done, I’d love to see what you’ve created!

And, as always, if you would like some support with your lead magnet or any other part of your newsletter, get in touch with me at

***This piece utilizes Kaizen-Muse Creativity Tools™.