Image Play: Skating On Inspiration

How about a little image play? I found this painting at the Rijksmuseum site and couldn’t resist the frolicking skaters!

Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters, Hendrick Avercamp, c. 1608

Delve into this scene and you begin to see the frozen moments in village life. People play on the ice, but they work as well. And everyone is out on the ice this day from the ultrarich to the beggar. By clicking on the image, you’ll be transported to the Rijksmuseum high-resolution image where you can dive deep to find the details of the little scene that attracts you.

Select one of these vignettes and use it as a prompt. Perhaps you could sketch these folks from the front (most have their back turned to the viewer) or write a hundred words of their story. Cut parts from the piece and use them in your own collage.

You’ll note at the bottom of the screen that they encourage you to incorporate parts of this work into your own creations, and you’ll need the free Rijksstudio account to do that.

For a little extra fun, take a little time to explore the Rijksmuseum  account, a sort of Pinterest but with Dutch masters.