What Will I Write About in My Newsletter? Part 4: Build Your Email List

You can explore this question all across the internet, but truly the answer comes down to this.

You build an email list one person at a time.

And you get that one person by asking them to subscribe.

That’s really it.

Now, let’s talk about how to ask….

You can ask people to subscribe to your list in many ways. Begin by considering how and where you interact with people each day. Are you online? Do they find you on your website? Facebook? Instagram? Tik Tok?

Or, do you mostly interact with people face-to-face?

Asking someone to subscribe to our email newsletters when we are chatting with them in person or on the telephone feels radical somehow. But guess what? You can do it. And people even say yes.

My father, who designs and builds wooden furniture,  built his list from twenty to over a hundred in the last six months of 2021 by asking individuals visiting his booth at craft fairs. He started by getting one to two emails each time and escalated to an average of seven during each four-hour shift. Then, just before the holidays, he got twenty-seven addresses over a weekend studio tour.

Not only that, but by practicing and making himself ask people to subscribe, he began to chat with people about his work, leading them to ask him to build pieces of furniture for them. And he could follow up that interest because he had their email addresses. And some of those leads led to actual sales!

So, consider asking people you interact with in person or by phone to subscribe to your newsletter. Take the time to practice with a trusted friend or colleague, or a coach if you have one.

Another fabulous way to practice is to ask family and friends to join your newsletter list, either in-person, by phone, or with a chatty email letting them know about your new business developments.

Important note when you send the email: Make sure to include the link to your sign-up page for your newsletter. You would be surprised at how often this step is missed!

What Other Ways Can You Ask?

The Basics

These days, we interact with people online quite often. We’re constantly emailing and posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Twitter. So, how can we ask people to sign up on these platforms?

Start by using that same technique from your chatty email asking friends and family to join your newsletter list and direct message people in your various contact lists for each social media outlet you patronize.

Announce your new newsletter with posts in your social media spaces, especially in groups that you know will be interested. Though you will want to review the guidelines for those groups to make sure you abide by their rules when posting.

Add the link to your newsletter sign-up to all of your online profiles and your email signature.

In addition, each newsletter you send out should contain an encouragement to your current subscribers to forward the email to others who might like it. Because the people receiving this forwarded email won’t know who you are, include a short bio and a subscription link so that these folks can sign up for their own copy.

Get Creative!

With the basics in place, begin brainstorming other ideas. Here are some of the most popular options to get your mind popping:

Create an event they can attend by subscribing to your newsletter. My largest gains in subscriber numbers have come in this method.

Work with another entrepreneur whose work complements your own to create an event that encourages people to sign up for both newsletter lists. When this happens, you create a signup form on both pages and share any email addresses gathered with your collaborator.

Gifts, opt-in offers, and lead magnets are all the same name for a product that you give away in return for someone subscribing. This product serves your subscriber with value while also encouraging them to sign up for more of what you sell. Think of this piece as enticing your subscriber into engaging with you more deeply.

Contests can also help you gain subscribers, though I’m not a big fan of those. People tend to sign up for the contest and then leave after they don’t win. Same goes for coupons. If people show up for the discount, they rarely hang around to pay full price.

Time to List Your Own Ideas

Make a list of ways that you can add followers. Once you think you’ve come up with all of the ways you could possibly do this, try to add three more.

With your completed list in hand, select the three that feel the most exciting to you. Then, from those three, pick the one that makes your heart leap in your chest.

Put it into action and see what happens.

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