The Artist, Bond.

Our creative obstacles often seem as big as the supervillains in the James Bond films. They sit in their evil electric chairs, pet their evil white Octopussy, and plot the end of the world for no more reason than “HAHAHA! I am EVIL!”

And James Bond flings himself at this vile mastermind, performing feats of derring-do (and seducing ladies) as he thwarts their plans and saves the world. No, Doctor No!

With flair and fun and a lolloping sense of freedom.

And a raucous celebration at the end.

Live and Let Die.

So, when you think of the obstacle that threatens your dream of a better world, ask yourself…

“What would James Bond do?”

After all, there’s No Time to Die!

Close your eyes and imagine your obstacle as that malevolent villain. Embrace your inner James Bond and swing into action gleefully! Have the best time fighting the henchmen, playing with gadgets, rescuing the secrets, and seducing everyone you find attractive. Smackdown that reprobate who is trying to defeat you!

After you strike that final blow, celebrate!

And, before you open your eyes again, as you enjoy that martini, shaken not stirred, at the bar, ask your James Bond self, “How can I do this with my real-life obstacle?”

Open your eyes and write down his answer.

The World Is Not Enough!