Pursuing Something Just For You

“But if you don’t find fulfillment in something other than work, then you will fail those in the chair in front of you.” – Dr. Kovich, Star Trek: Discovery, “The Examples”

When I heard these words on an episode of Star Trek: Discovery recently (I’m a Trekker, in case you didn’t know), I was struck with the idea of asking a character in a show like this—action-adventure with aliens and universe-altering consequences—to take a moment for themselves. During this particular episode, the question came at a time when the ship was engaging in a routine mission, though still filled with danger because, you know, Star Trek!

Right now, we’re all navigating our own routine missions as we do our work, do our errands, live our lives. And these unremarkable tasks feel oddly filled with danger because, you know, Covid!

In this atmosphere, to consider devoting any part of ourselves to something that fulfills us, to take a little time for just us, seems such an indulgence that we can barely imagine it.

But our creativity is not an indulgence. Our creativity is a necessity. It’s as necessary to us as

Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash

shelter, food, water. Evidence of this need is found in our earliest archaological discoveries as stone sculptures and caves covered with paintings.

To be human is to be creative.

Exploring your creativity invites joy into your life.
Embracing your creativity infuses your life with joy.
Manifesting your creativity gives you a joyous purpose.

Expressing our creativity in something other than our paid work allows us to serve everyone from our closest love to our most casual acquaintance in the very best way we possibly can.

And a good first step is asking yourself the question, “Can I imagine pursuing something just to fulfill myself?”

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