December, Closing In on Christmas

Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

In the garish light of chaos,
The disappointments
The disasters
The desperate grasping for the semblance of celebration
I disappear
Or try to.

But then a jolly raven
Filled with the joy of being alive, of the season, of the sincere happiness
Of being with people.
“Look the length of this line!”
“They’re raking it in. Why won’t they hire more people?”
“My two questions in any job interview are ‘When’s my break?’ and ‘Do you drug test?’”
Peck, peck, peck.

Released, I scurry to
My peaceful home
Snuggle into the contented dark.
Watch the gentle twinkle of fairy lights on the mantle.

What do you mean, I needed to get TWO cans of chiles?

In the chaos and confusion of the season, try to meet annoyance with joy, anger with peace, confusion with understanding. And when you can’t, give yourself a break.

If you can’t even give yourself that much space, imagine for a moment what it would feel like to forgive yourself. Then, do something jolly as a reward.

You deserve it.

Stay contented, safe, and kind, my friends.
Happy Holidays.

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