Your Holiday Newsletter

In the past week, Christmas cards have begun to arrive which means the influx of the inevitable “Holiday Newsletter.” You know what I’m talking about. Sheets of brightly colored paper filled with a single-spaced, double-sided missive detailing all of the events and accomplishments of the past year. Frankly, I adore them. In the ones I receive, my friends always make an effort at humor. I savor them, reading slowly in the evenings during knitting breaks.

This week, I’m encouraging you to write your own holiday newsletter. But this newsletter will just cover the last week. Whew!

So, make a list of your ten favorite accomplishments, occurrences, and gifts of the past week. Please note I didn’t say most impressive, but favorite—the ones that made you feel joyful, proud, and grateful.

Here’s a little example from my week:

Wrote over 23,000 words last week according to Grammarly
Knitted a hat for my nephew for Christmas
Taught the dog we’re dogsitting the “Leave it” command so our kitty doesn’t get harassed
Figured out how to snag the visiting dog after it ran away
Big gratitude for whoever invented the no-pull harness for dogs!
Turkish Slipper tea – an herbal tea blend of pumpkin pie rooibos, mate, and vanilla—spicy festive flavor!
Handed out flyers about my newsletter class to small businesses
Selected Christmas gifts for the family from around my house (you can find out more about that here: Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe
Began a conversation with the local community center to help with their newsletter (I’m trying to make new connections with the local business community)
Fairy lights and candles brightening our evenings together

Write up your own list with at least ten items.

Wow! Doesn’t that feel great? Look at everything you did!

Take that list and write your own cheer-filled holiday newsletter. Make it funny, make it nostalgic, write it as a poem, draw some illustrations! Let your imagination out to play!

Hmmmm…. Maybe we should write up these lists every week.

*This exercise is inspired by the Credit Report, a Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching Tool™.