Infusing Joy

As I ingest story after story about “The Great Resignation,” I find myself wondering how we got to a place where so many people are quitting their jobs in droves to leap into the unknown?

All I know is that, making that same leap, I wanted to create a life filled with meaning, creativity, and purpose. Not just making money (though that is necessary) but making a difference. A life that infused my entire being with joy.

Now, I’ve been led to some dark places in the pursuit of joy. The search for happiness left me in a depressed ball of tears at one point. During the journey out of that dark corner, I took the pressure off. I removed the weight of expectation. I redefined joy.

Today, for me, joy is contentment. When I talk about infusing my life with joy, I mean feeling a peaceful happiness with any choice that I make.

This isn’t outrageous joy. It’s not ecstatic happiness. It’s not ridiculous ecstasy. Those feelings are bright spots in our existence, but not maintainable for the long term.

Nope. I’m talking about something that can last, that can be a solid baseline in our emotional lives. I’m talking about finding the contentment and peace that arrives by knowing that every decision you make aligns perfectly with your heart.

I don’t HAVE to walk the dog. I GET to exercise while watching his enthusiastic scan of his tiny territory.

I don’t HAVE to take the car to the mechanic. I GET to embrace the responsibility and get the car checked so I can continue to rely on it as a part of my toolbox.

I don’t HAVE to write another essay for my blog. I GET to share my years of experience and use my writing talent to entertain and inspire my readers.

And that’s what I share with my coaching clients. Empowerment to find a life filled with meaning and joy and creativity and purpose.

A life where you’re making a difference.

A life where you GET to do your work.

A life infused with contented peace.

A life of your joy.

Photo by Alex Alvarez on Unsplash