Daydreaming Someone Else’s Life

photo by: Timon Studler on Unsplash

Many people are traveling again, and even if you aren’t sitting in busy airports, I’m betting that you are finding yourself surrounded by unfamiliar people at some point in your day.

So, let’s have a little character study.

While in a busy environment, select a person and watch them. Get curious but don’t stalk them. Maybe stalk them just a teeny tiny bit.

As you watch, let their look, their actions, their belongings begin a story in your head. Select an origin for their trip. Imagine their house, their job. Build a full life for them, and say what they are going home to. Ask all your questions. Why are they lingering over the oranges? Why rushing as they zip through the terminal?

Build their character in your head and then take a moment to write their story or sketch it in your journal.

Enjoy your daydream!