Revel in Your Gift…of Time

What do I intend to do during this coming holiday season?

Enjoy it! Revel in the celebration! Play and sing and dance and decorate and make and give gifts!

In the past, I’ve wanted to embrace this special time of celebration and could never make it happen for more than a day or two, specifically Christmas Day and usually either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. Other than that, most of my time got devoted to working on a business (either my own or someone else’s) or preparing for the day with the regular toil that turns the party into a slog.

Sound familiar?

So, how can I infuse this holiday season with joy and play this year? Especially during a time when I’m growing my coaching business?

By making time to explore my creativity, to indulge my curiosity, to play with my Muse.

And how do I make this happen?

The “Gift of Time,” a weekend hour of creative play, is based on Parallel Universe Time, a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Tool™.

As I traveled through my recent creativity coaching certification course, Parallel Universe Time changed my attitude as I watched people make progress on creative projects and find JOY in the process.


You know that thing that you’ve been wanting to do to advance your creative project but never have the time?

In Parallel Universe Time, we do it.

Δ Want to write a query letter? Let’s do it now.
Δ Research that new painting technique? Let’s do it now.
Δ Call a friend to set up a networking date? Let’s do it now.

While you do whatever you need to do, I sit and hold the space for you.

Often you achieve your task within that time or at least get a good start on it.

And then, you’ve done it! You’re free! You can take that time you spent feeling guilty and celebrate instead!

Sometimes, all we need is someone to sit with us while we follow our muse.

And that’s why I scheduled this weekly hour for creative playtime this holiday season. To achieve some of my own goals, sure, but also to thank you for being there, reading my words, and sending me notes of encouragement.

To give you the present of my presence, encouraging you to flutter after your muse.

Click here to join me for “The Gift of Time” and free yourself to focus on the JOY of the holiday season.

Let’s focus on the JOY.