Ode to a Veg

Over the past weekend, I picked up Roy Blount, Jr.’s book, “Save Room for Pie.” Amongst the giggle-worthy essays, little poems and songs were scattered. They inspired this creativity exercise. Specifically, this one short ditty:

“The neighborhood stores are all out of broccoli

So, what vegetable would you write a poem to? Would it lavish the veggie with praise or shunt it into the back corner of the refrigerator? Will it be funny or serious? Here’s mine:

Brussel sprouts
Get in my mouth!
Unless you’re boiled
Then you are spoiled!
Lightly steamed
You are a dream,
Salted and roasted
And I will get toasted
On brussel sprouts.

Obviously, crappy writing is accepted by Muses everywhere. Jump in with your ode to veggies today!