Small Steps Forward

Today, the sun shines. Cold mornings turn into warm afternoons, and I am feeling the pressure to put the gardens to bed. Of course, I also have a business to run with multiple projects plus marketing and general administration. And a home to maintain with its continual cleaning, organizing, and repairs.

And the holidays coming.

Yow! I could be overwhelmed in a moment by all of this. But I am not.

How am I managing?

Small steps.

Just like knitting a sweater happens one stitch at a time, taking small steps toward the completion of a project—no matter how large, time-sensitive, or complex—helps that project come into being.

And I think we all agree that living a life that balances head, heart, and body can be a pretty complex project.

My recent training in Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching uses small steps to support that effort. Those small steps break down resistance, make progress, and find not just relief from overwhelm but indeed JOY as you move toward your goals.

So, I break up my tasks into fifteen-minute activities that can be slipped into the cracks or used as a break from the workday where I spend entirely too much time sitting!

Each of these small steps increases my joy and success while pushing away the overwhelm as I can SEE the progress happening.

To give you an idea of how they work, I’ve been taking small five to fifteen-minute breaks from my work each workday to make progress on several big projects. Over the last few weeks, I was able to:

℘Move a giant pile of boxes and construction materials out into a shed
℘Rehabilitate my living room from a storage area into a pleasant space for reading and conversing
℘Transform my guest room back into a guest room

And I use these fifteen-minute tasks in my creative and professional work as well. By giving myself a goal of working for just fifteen minutes on an essay or my bookkeeping, I feel triumphant when I put the work down and want to return to that work again. And often I build such momentum that when I put the work down, I’ve spent much more time on the project than I meant and made such PROGRESS!

And that’s how we roll in my coaching. Taking small steps toward any goal. Working for five to fifteen minutes at a time. Allowing our momentum to build. Letting our intuition take the lead. Feeling the success as we move toward the next part of the project.

Whether I’m working on my home projects, work projects, or creative projects, I use small steps to keep me moving forward.

And you can do it too.

***This piece is inspired by my new Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching training where Small Steps have a central role. Are you interested in giving them a try? Contact me at to get more information and to sign up for one-on-one coaching.