Can Your Teapot Talk To You?

Does this happen to you?

When I talk to my cat, she talks back. Well, I talk back for her. As in…

“Would you like a little pet?”
(Me in a slightly higher squeeky voice.) “Oh yes, Mama! Give me belly pets. Mmmmm. That’s nice.”
“Aw, my little sweetie pie.” I draw my fingers back and her claws latch into my hand.
“No, Mama. Stays and pets.” Purring intensifies as she wins the battle.

You get the gist. I make up voices for the cat, the dog, the plants, random objects, sometimes even my wife if she’s ignoring me.

Want to try? Make up a voice for a random object. Maybe your teacup tells you the tale of its birth or your toothbrush regales you with the terrors of your mouth.

Write them down or don’t. Let the words fling themselves into the air and have fun without the burden of remembering.

Give an object a voice and see what comes tumbling out.