Keep Your Spirit Light with the Gift of Time

As I tumble toward the end of a busy year, I feel like the Polar Express is about to hurtle over me with Tom Hanks genially grinning and waving an apology!

Are you beginning to feel a hint of overwhelm too? Maybe some foreboding?

We’re all busy people, running from appointment to commitment to opportunity to the next thing. And during the holidays, it gets busier. Between shopping for gifts and decorating the house and baking cookies and making special meals and our usual workload, the holiday season can leave us drained and limp.

This year, what if you could embrace the joy of the season? What if you could maintain your creative work and keep your spirit light with just one hour a week of relief?

Over the holiday season, from the last weekend of November through the weekend before Christmas, would you like to play with me?

Each Saturday from November 27 to December 18, enjoy “The Gift of Time,” a place where we come together for fun, frolic, peace, and creativity.

Now frankly, this isn’t something I believed in until I tried it. Meeting with someone to work on my project while they worked on theirs? I mean, I liked my knitting group, but that was different. Knit, chat, knit, chat. Everyone was working on their own projects, sure, but it left brain room for chit-chat and making connections. Not writing. Not getting other work done.

But, meeting over Zoom changes all of that. With Zoom, I can chit-chat if I want, or block out the world. I can show up to write with someone, put on my mute button and turn down the sound if I want to block everyone out. And then, I can spend the time writing. Or reading. Or working on my new knitting project. If I want to chat, I can turn back on my sound and unmute.

But mostly, by someone else holding the space for me, I can show up and get something done. Something I wouldn’t have done before. Something that I knew I needed to do and couldn’t make happen.

And that’s what “The Gift of Time” is all about. On Saturday at 12noon ET / 9am PT, we meet on Zoom. I’ll get us into our creative space with a little guided relaxation, a time to breathe and get into a creative mindset. Then, we’ll all embark on our creative projects. Five minutes before the hour is up, we’ll leave our creative space with a DANCE to energize us for the rest of the day.

During your creative time, you can do whatever you want. Want to work on your new painting? Go for it! Maybe you’d like to delve into the mysteries of your plot. Write away! Perhaps you want to bake cookies or knit on your sweater or write that holiday email to your family or read a book! This time is yours.

And I am holding the space for you.

So, over the holidays, make a commitment to yourself by telling me that you’ll join me for one short hour once a week. We’ll have fun, escape the holiday madness, and rejoice in each other’s company while we do our own thing. Plus, DANCE PARTY!

Sign Up Here.

***Please note that this practice uses Parallel Time, a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Tool™ as I continue my journey to becoming certified in that style. You can find more information at