What Will I Write About in My Newsletter? Part One: Select A Goal

“What will I write about in my newsletter?”

That, by far, is the number one question people ask me about newsletters. And not just by people interested in writing them. Those with established newsletters get befuddled as well.

“There’s nothing going on this week.”
“How will I ever come up with enough subjects to write something new every month?”
“My muse left for the weekend, and I don’t think she’s ever going to return!”

Ok. Calm down. Let’s start at the beginning.

Newsletters, at their most basic, share news about your work. Use them to give your subscribers information on upcoming classes, articles and books, craft fairs, interviews, features, products, and whatever else shows up.

However, when we don’t have an event or new product to share, we get to use our newsletters to give people a little taste of us. They give us the space and time to chat with people who are interested in what we do, what we love, our adventures, our philosophies.

In order to do that—and not break our brains every single time we sit down to write—we get to pick an overall goal for our newsletter.

Your newsletter goal is how your newsletter serves your subscribers. This goal aligns with the mission of your business, reinforcing your work.

For example, my mission is to empower you to ENJOY manifesting your creative purpose. After all, what is the point of all of this work-work-work if not joy and creativity and curiosity and wonderment?!

So, the goal of my newsletter is to empower my subscribers with tools, techniques, and inspiration so they can enjoy cultivating their creative businesses.

The other side of this goal is that it gives me a way to start thinking about what I’m going to write in my newsletter each week. Is there a cool business tip I’ve uncovered? What about a fun creativity exercise? Quite often, I resist sharing yet another “pump up your day at work” song since there are so many I LOVE!!!

(FYI -Scream the words on those days when the world is blowing up.)

But now that I write that out, why do I resist? Seems right in line with my goal!

Selecting a goal for your newsletter gives you a place to start when no ideas are coming. It promotes you to action, making or keeping lists of potential subjects, tools, fun songs, and other items that can improve and enhance your subscribers’ lives.

And those are the little things keep them coming back for more.