Pick A Reward for Your Efforts

Are you ready to begin this marketing journey? If so, consider selecting a reward for doing it.

When you put yourself out there in such a vulnerable way, a reward at the end of the experience can make a HUGE difference. Simply having a prize to look forward to can jumpstart your motivation and reinforce your determination to continue on your path.

Ice cream counter in a shop, New Delhi, India

Rewards can be as simple as a square of chocolate or as extravagant as a trip to your favorite spa! I like to match my rewards to my efforts, so smaller prizes for tiny steps toward milestones and larger prizes for reaching big goals. Some of my favorites are mini dance parties in my office, new journal notebooks, and tiny wooden prep bowls filled with chocolate chunks.

These rewards celebrate your efforts, whether simple survival or a joyous party of triumph.

What’s your favorite reward, and what action will you be rewarding?