How to Begin Marketing (Even if You’ve Already Started)

“Marketing is a journey of coming into your own skin.”Nick Catton, Creative Alignment Coach

Being our whole selves, as people and as entrepreneurs, means sharing our work, our creativity, ourselves with others. Demonstrating how we’ve used our own creativity to solve a problem and offering to assist others with the same issue—that’s marketing.

When we think of capital “M” Marketing, questions of techniques or strategies show up. How often should I post on social media? What about running an ad in a magazine? Should I blog on my website?

But those questions are only about actions.

What if we began our marketing process by finding that place where we are the most comfortable? Somewhere we know acceptance lies. Somewhere we feel like we are our full selves.

What if we shared our work in that space?

What if we allowed our creative solution to glow with all of its lovely power?

In my experience, taking these steps allows a little seedling of confidence to take root.

Once that confidence takes hold, it actually doesn’t matter what strategy or technique you use. Because now you are getting familiar with that sharing space. Now you are accepting the power you have.

Now you are coming into your own skin.

This is why, when people ask me what marketing actions they should take, I always say the same thing.

What do you LIKE to do? Where are you most comfortable? Where do you consistently show up?

When you feel confident or at least familiar with expressing yourself, whatever techniques you like to use to share your experience and knowledge will be the actions you’ll take consistently.

And consistent action is what works with marketing.

Get comfy. Get confident. Can I mention consistency one more time?

Thanks! Now, let’s get started.

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