Guest Post Round-Up for August & September

Back in August, when I was sharing the fabulous posts from my fellow creativity coaches, they were sharing my posts as well. I’ve been trying to decide how to share these links, and finally decided to just go for it in a little list. So, here goes!

The Freedom of Radical Grace
All living beings make mistakes. And, we hate to make mistakes. We go to crazy lengths not to make mistakes. However, mistakes are part of our process. One of the tenets of adult education is that, as adults, we learn best by making mistakes and fixing them. So you can see, errors must occur in order to fully learn our lessons from our work, as well as understanding the work itself. Trying to avoid them can stall or even block our progress in our process or, worse yet, leave us producing work that lacks inspiration and passion. With their inevitability, what can we do? Embrace the idea of radical grace.

Do It Anyway: Battling Imposter Syndrome as a Writer
After spending decades writing, being paid for multiple articles, and having “writer” as part of my job description, I still wonder if I’m a real writer. Blog post after article after book says “You are a writer if you spend any time writing,” and still….We feel like we’re lying. We haven’t reached our goal yet, that impossible place where we’ll magically be writers. That’s the horrible trick of imposter syndrome. But what if we just did it anyway?

Book Review: Fire Up Your Writing Brain
Okay. So the first thing you need to know about me is that I am the worst. I will not do something just because I know it’s something that I should do. Seriously. In order to get myself to do anything, I have to trick myself into it. Therefore, when I found Fire Up Your Writing Brain by Susan Reynolds, I nearly broke my finger adding it to my cart.

Five Ways to Trick Yourself Into Writing
Do you rebel against yourself? Me too. Sometimes I have to trick myself. Some of us successfully defeat resistance in hand-to-hand combat. Others have to trick her into letting us go. For the second group, here are my five steps to trick yourself into a creative habit. They worked for me, and I think they can work for you too!

During this same time, I also started writing a monthly “creativity tips for writers” column for the Writers Fun Zone. Here are links to the first two exercises:

Add a Goblin – Let a goblin break your scene and see what creativity falls out!

Image Play: Using Pictures to Write – How to find inspiration in images to move your writing forward.

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