An Autumn Ritual

Today, as the full moon wanes, we enter autumn. I love this season where celebration merges with death. Days darkening and candlelight spreading across tables. The final days of the harvest with its abundance and the frenzy of preservation as we prepare for winter. Nostalgia poking out from corners as traditional holidays float into our lives on clouds of warm spices.

Time to welcome autumn with a ritual.

Take a moment and quietly contemplate the question, “What’s one action you use to welcome autumn?” Do you cut back your plants, clean out the mudroom, purchase a pumpkin spice latte?

Go. Do that. Rejoice in the gifts of the season.

When the sun begins to fade, light a candle and snuggle in. Watch the flame and feel the dark surround you.

Autumn harvest
Plucking beans from their bushes
Tomatoes off the vine
Tucking the herbs into protected spaces
So they can be used throughout the winter

Autumn promise
Slipping tulip and daffodil bulbs into the earth
For blooms next spring
Planting shallots and garlic
Showing up in time for the fresh tomatoes and basil.

Autumn transformation
Preserving the summer’s bounty in jars filled with sugar, salt, vinegar, herbs, spices
Bounty all winter long.
Prune in the summer and you slow the growth
Prune in the autumn and you encourage the next
Leaves and fruit