Head Out on the Highway to Inspiration

Put some gas in the car, grab a little lunch, and let’s get out of town!

Driving places you haven’t been and exploring those little roadside attractions you never visit invites inspiration. Include your favorite person or go alone, whatever you prefer.

Instead of using a map, just pick a direction and head out. (The map function on all of our mobile phones makes getting back so much easier!)

As you drive, notice your surroundings. When you see something that fires your interest, stop. Read the historical marker. View the scenic vista. Wonder where someone discovered all of those lawn ornaments.

You can take a journal to note anything that seems special, but mostly, just experience the wonder of the day. Let the sights, sounds, and experiences fill your creative well with delight.

A little windshield time can spark the wildfire of your inspiration. Relax and enjoy the ride!