What Jackie Collins Taught Me About Creativity

Have you watched the Jackie Collins documentary, Lady Boss, on Netflix yet? Yes, THAT Jackie Collins, the internationally bestselling author of novels my friends stole from their mother’s bedside tables in the early eighties, highlighting the “good parts” and sharing surreptitiously in junior high. (How many of us learned a little something about sex from a Jackie Collins novel? *raises hand* Don’t tell my mom!)

This woman grabbed the world with both hands and never let go. The thing that popped me right between the eyes was how, in her second marriage, her husband, Oscar Lerman, loved her so hard that he lifted her right up and into her creative life.

He found a notebook with a half-finished novel inside and encouraged her to finish it. When she got that novel published, he rejoiced. When she grew famous, he proudly beamed and pushed the focus to her. When she decided they needed to move to Los Angeles for her career to progress, he upended his life in London and made the move. One of their daughters told a little story about their relationship, saying that each time Jackie walked into a room for the full twenty-seven years they were married, he would say to the girls, “Look at your mother. Isn’t she beautiful? She’s so gorgeous.” And he would smile at Jackie. And Jackie would smile at him.

I’m not saying that this fellow was responsible for her writing or her talent or that she wouldn’t have been successful without him.

What I am saying is that someone who believes in us and supports our dreams can make a difficult journey a little easier. It allows us to move toward those dreams with abandon and passion. To embrace the idea that we are talented enough to show our work to someone else. Because we can always turn to this person and know they will back us up, they will tell us the truth, they will look at us and say, “you’re beautiful” or funny or talented or whatever we need to hear to keep us moving back out into the world.

Frankly, the love story between Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her husband sounds similar. And I bet it was just as spicy in the bedroom!

Sometimes, we just need someone to believe in us and support our dreams.

And that’s what a good coach does. She believes in you. She’s your cheerleader. She pushes you to do your very best and gives you grace in those moments when your best didn’t create the results you hoped for. She guides you gently through your roadblocks and gets the hell out of your way when you’re zooming toward your goal.

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