Less Is More Cooler

We’ve always traveled with too much stuff. We don’t just get one cooler; we get two or three. Who knows when you’ll need a cooler, and isn’t it better to get more than one?

No. No, it is not. From experience, I say, “Just get one.” If/when it breaks, you can get another. The new one will be better in every way because it comes from the future. Future cooler beats present cooler hands down. That’s how the future works.

And that’s what is happening now in my house, my business, my life. I’m taking an assessment, offloading deadweight, creating space. Time to destroy the old shields and stand visible in the sunlight. Make room for the future.

Spring cleaning may be the tradition, but I prefer pruning away what I don’t need as autumn approaches. Giving away and selling stuff others will value (Goodbye, extra coolers!). Throwing away the trash. Studying each part of my business and paring away the parts that don’t serve me. I’ve held onto stuff and projects because of the money I spent on them or the time I invested.

A phrase has gained visibility in the lexicon lately, “sunk costs.” As you move through each project, there comes a point where resistance rises and you evaluate the assets you’ve used. This assessment includes the amount of effort, time, and money spent on the project. These are your sunk costs.

Lots of people continue to push through with their projects, despite their own misgivings, because of the sunk costs. Having invested so much, they can’t imagine letting the project go.

But here’s the deal. If your doubts are so strong that the only thing keeping you progressing is the amount of time and money you’ve put into a project, it’s time to stop. Don’t buy all three coolers!

You’ve invested your time and your money and your efforts to learn the knowledge that you’ve accumulated in this project. Walk away with your one cooler.

Drop the project. Clear away the debris. Allow those bits to dissolve into the past so you can relax and enjoy your family and your home.

And walk forward into the future.

There will be another cooler waiting. And it’s going to be amazing!