It’s Opposite Day

During the first weeks of August, it’s easy to feel stuck. These days move slow through the heat, encouraging us to take a moment and enjoy this last full month of summer. People say “slow as molasses in January,” but a better analogy would be, “slow as me on a warm summer’s day.”

However, if you’re feeling stuck creatively, then try breaking out of your rut by doing the opposite of what you normally do.

Do you plot your entire tale before you write? Try loosening your pen and writing free for a day. Usually set up your easel in the house? How about some plein air painting? Or switch out your paints for pens. Instead of turning a pot, build one from slabs. Be a fierce warrior in that monologue for a meek mouse.

You know the opposite of what you usually do. Delve in, play around, get wacky!