What in the Ridiculous What?!

Time for a bit of performance art! This week I’m encouraging you to use your imagination to play a little trick on your friends with a ridiculous hoax.

We’re all bombarded with weird information these days. The internet throws out tale after tale of things you never imagined could be true but are. This makes your job so. Much. Easier! For example, here are two bits of information. Which one is true?

1. The jellyfish has only one digestive opening, serving as both the mouth and the anus. Yes, it literally eats with its butt!
2. SureJell pectin is introducing a new product made from jellyfish to thicken jellies and jams for preserving. They’ve gone this direction because of the overgrowth of jellyfish in the ocean.

Number one is true, if you needed to know. [

Note the distinctions of number two. I built it on real facts (the jellyfish population is exploding due to climate change and SureJell is a real product) and then made up the ridiculous idea of using jellyfish to thicken fruit jam.

Use the same technique to create your own hoax. Come up with your “fact” and then say, “Did you know…” and fill in the blank. When your audience asks you if it’s true, just say no and sit back to enjoy the laughter.

(Quick note – please do not share your hoax on the internet due to the absolute glut of the gullible!)