Save Time and Learn a Thing

To create the thing we imagine, we must continually improve our craft. Most times, this enhancement in our skills comes from pushing ourselves to the next level with experience, but occasionally we get a leg up from education.

When all of our experiential knowledge fails, the answer to “Why isn’t this working?” is often something we can get from a teacher. Experience sometimes blinds us, making us think that we are our own best instructors and hiding from us what others have to offer. Taking the opportunity to learn can reduce the work needed to find solutions.

For example, punching and prodding at my Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe essays didn’t make them any funnier, but they still felt flat. All of my experience was failing me. Then, I discovered that books exist, proclaiming to teach how to write funny.

What!?! Give them to me NOW!

Diving into the first one I could get into my fingers, its first chapter improved my funny to the point that it amused my father, whose standards tend to the olympic level.

And, as I embark on this funny freeway, another educational journey in my creativity coaching

In Art Class

career begins. Over the next four months, I am getting certified in the Kaizen-Muse method of creativity coaching. The combination of small steps making big change and a whimsical light-heartedness make this choice easy. I know from my experience that these two techniques make finding the depth and breadth of your meaning a little easier, though mostly they trick you into falling into it backward.

Even with a BA in theatre, other creativity coaching classes, and experience with clients, I know further education will improve my work as a creative coach. Once I’m done, I will be a certified creativity coach, something that feels so right and so silly to say.

I know that I have been called to be a creativity coach, to carry the love and whimsy and freedom of the creative life to you all. To encourage you to grow wings and fly as you create art and make a living.

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