Cultivate Your Curiosity With This Handy List

One of my favorite parts of the Refill-Your-Creative-Well Not-A-Challenge is the activities that I’ve been adding to the end of each email. These activities give the participants ways to rest, rejuvenate, and let the drips of creativity begin to fill their wells again.

For our creativity exercise this week, I’m giving you the list for cultivating your curiosity. Try to do at least one of the things on this list each day.

Blow on a dandelion and follow the seeds as they dance and spin through the breeze.
Stalk your pet around the house.
Hold your drink up to the sun and study the light refracting through the glass.
Visit a local monument and research its history.
Take that side path off your usual walking route and go exploring.
Write down a vivid dream.
Color in a coloring book.
Read one of your coffee table books.

Girl walking in the bush and collect the flowers.

Cultivating your curiosity is intrinsic to your creative process. When you follow and listen, your curiosity delivers new ideas, solutions to problems, and deep joy to your life.

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