The June Report


I haven’t wanted to write this report about June. I feel disappointed with myself and my progress, and that doesn’t seem uplifting in the least. By this point in the year, I expected to be flowing. Instead, a wall presented itself carrying familiar challenges that I’m searching to overcome. I continue to put myself and my writing out into the world. The responses I’m getting are so fabulous, but Mama didn’t get paid for a lot of the work she did in June. However, I’ve been meeting really awesome people, and that’s the BIG upside.

But now for June’s (non)progress on my goal:

* Launch the Unlocking Your Creativity guide – Nothing has been moving on this, and I finally just slipped out of this project to focus on the “Refilling Your Well Not-A-Challenge” during July. I used June to create the program and promote it.

* Actively Working My Marketing Plan for Coaching – I belong to a group of creativity coaches and we’re starting to trade guest posts among ourselves. This led to me setting up four guest posts, as well as starting a new “creativity exercises for writers” monthly column for the Writer’s Fun Zone

You’ll start seeing some new writers on my blog as the guest posts from others arrive, and I’ll be sharing where to find my writing as well.

* Developing the newsletter and writing service – Pitch, pitch, pitch! Crickets, crickets, crickets! I got out on Main Street, Weaverville one day in June, and met some cool folks. Nothing came of it (YET), but I am discovering that getting out and meeting people is a skill that I’ve slowly learned, and exercising it is making me joyful. For a perpetually shy person, this is a WIN!

* Writing Book/Booklets – Now that I will have the work I’m doing in the “Not-A-Challenge” set down in words, I’m planning another booklet that focuses on that process. The big learning curve in all of this is self-publishing!

June’s Transformation

When I think about how I transformed in June, the biggest way was physical as I embraced RAINBOW HAIR! After an unfortunate home-dying incident, I visited my hairstylist and she gave me a rainbow stripe in my hair for Pride month. Fun!!!

Other than that, the closest thing to a transformation was shifting my focus. Instead of bouncing off the walls when I ran at them, I searched for ways around them. I did find some ways to start networking online and in real life, and Rainbow Hair made it easy to begin those conversations.

However, I entered July feeling stalled and stale. I’m aiming for a change of fortune and looking to relax and flow in order to make some real forward progress during July.

Brass Tacks (Otherwise known as The Metrics)

June was mixed news as my paying clients and income went down, but I added subscribers to my email list.

Paying clients. My paid client number decreased by 38%.

Subscribers to my Email List. I gained nine subscribers to my email list.

Income. Income decreased by 70% from May. Ugh.

“Building Financial Viability” is my goal for July and probably the rest of the year.