Storyboard Your Perfect Day

The “Perfect Day” exercise is a pretty simple one. Write up your perfect workday from beginning to end. Start by waking up in the morning and go through all the steps until you lay your head back on the pillow at night. Detail what you do, the sights and smells of each moment. What does your home look like? Do you walk the dog? Drive to work? Have a home studio? What do you do there? Spend time with your family? Sleep in your studio? Do a little gardening?

For this exercise, instead of writing it down in words, draw up a storyboard of your perfect day.

A storyboard is a series of pictures on a single page. Film directors use them to show the progression of shots in a scene. We’re going to use them more like a comic book.

So, on a sheet of paper, draw a series of boxes to frame your images. In those boxes, draw the different scenes and images of your perfect day.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a fine artist. The quality of the work isn’t what matters here. All that matters is that you use the boxes to show your main activities. Show your happy face in your studio, walking the dog, taking a nap, playing with your kids, making a presentation.

Once you are done, look at that storyboard and see the contentment on your face. Absorb the picture of what you see as your perfect workday.