Sparkle Darkly

Here in the US, the upcoming weekend is full of the joy of summer. Parades will travel down the main streets of towns, people will gather with their families and friends for cookouts, fireworks displays will hover briefly in our skies after dark.

However, no matter where you live, you can usually find a pack of sparklers. For this creativity exercise, I’m encouraging you to go to your local fireworks stand and purchase a pack of sparklers, the little handheld sticks that you light and watch fizz and spark down to their base.

After dark, go outside and play with them. Light them and dance around, whirling the sparkling stick. Draw your name and make designs with the light in the dark, watching how the phantom light leaves your name hanging in the air. Dance and swirl. When they go out, light another. If you have children, ask them to play with you. Enjoy each moment as they burn down to the end.

Let the magic of the sparks and your movement fill you with inspiration and joy. Rejoice!

***For safety, you’ll want to have a bucket of water or sand handy to douse any errant sparks.