When Love Goes Wrong

When I first met Darla (not her real name), she was just so sad. Attempting to make a business out of her art resulted in her being so disenchanted that she couldn’t even make herself go into her studio. After all the dreams and then the years of training at a prestigious institution, her perceived failure had almost destroyed her love for her art.

But, tiny embers of passion still burned. When I looked her in the eye and said, “Our goal is for you to fall back in love with your art,” tears slid down her cheeks. She lowered her head to hide them and excused herself from the table.

“Okay,” she replied when she returned. “How do we do that?”

By going back to the basics. By nurturing her whole being—body, mind, heart, spirit. By embracing joy and beauty and inspiration. By following her curiosity and redefining her dream and finding the lost meaning behind her creative drive.

That’s what we’re doing in the “Refill Your Creative Well Not-A-Challenge.”

If you have fallen out of love with your art, this process will help.

Over the course of the next month, Darla took the pressure off of herself. She rested, she laughed, she followed her curiosity, she played. She ignored her studio until she wanted to return.

And then, she walked back into that studio space and discovered those embers of passion transformed into a small fire of love.

An empty creative well can trick you into thinking you’ve fallen out of love with your art, that you’re a failure, that you’re trapped in a life you hate.

Refill your creative well, and those lies fall away.

Join us for the “Refill Your Creative Well Not-A-Challenge” and experience the joy for yourself.

We begin July 1st. Click here to sign up.