Your Summer Transformation Ritual

Now that we’ve spent the spring planting our seeds, summer is the time to watch them grow. Boredom may be defined as watching grass grow, but when we are the plant making that transformation, boredom isn’t part of our experience.

That said, I’m setting you a transformational challenge this summer: to embrace joy and relax.

To assist, here’s a little ritual to remind yourself.

Gather your favorite cold fizzy drink, load your favorite summer dancing song onto your phone, and head outside to where your favorite bright flowers are. My purple pallet’s hanging buckets are bursting with orange nasturtiums this year, but maybe yours are along your walking path or in a vase on the kitchen counter. If they are inside, take them out for a moment to enjoy the sunshine with you.

Settle in front of the flowers and study them. See the subtle changes in even the most striking color patterns. Do they have a scent? Note the foliage shape and texture. Recite the reasons these flowers are your favorites, ending with this:

“Like these flowers, growing from seed into blossom,
I transform
By relaxing,
By embracing joy,
By appreciating beauty.
Thank you.”

Raise your glass and appreciate the tiny bubbles rising to the surface, sparkling in the sunlight. Take a sip and savor the cool liquid.

Hit play on your song and dance! Sing along with the words and feel your voice spill joy through the air.

Repeat as necessary throughout the summer season.