Cultivate, Compost, Burn

Continuing on with the theme of weeds from last week, here’s a game to play around this topic: Cultivate, Compost, Burn!

In this creativity exercise, you’ll make a list of your personality traits. After drawing up your list, you’ll put each one into a category: Cultivate, Compost, Burn.

Cultivate those personality traits that serve you. Maybe you consider yourself aggressive, which might not delight you. However, aggressive people tend to get what they want which really does make you happy. Cultivate the assertive part of aggression and allow the other aspects to be composted or burned as you choose.

Compost personality traits when they need to be truly transformed. Perhaps you think of yourself as a fearful person. Do you know what else gives you butterflies in your tummy? Excitement! Transforming fear into excitement can help you attack a project you’ve been avoiding as well as giving you added energy. Win-win! Add those traits to your inner Compost Heap.

Finally, Burn any personality traits which don’t seem to have any kind of upside. Jealousy is a sticky, icky mess that can gum up the works of your life, your work, your relationships. When that green-eyed monster raises its ugly head, close your eyes and send it up in flames. Add any nonredeemable personality traits to your burn pile.

As you walk through this next week, note when your different personality traits come up and categorize them. Take some time for true inquiry with the stickiest of the traits that you want to address.