A Delicious Refreshing of the Creative Well

As spring draws to a close and summer begins her bountiful journey, I can feel my body beginning to say “Enough.” For eighteen months, I’ve been moving non-stop. When I reach into my creative well, my bucket returns with less and less clear, crisp inspiration. In the messy middle of multiple writing projects, more and more creative energy sings out of me.

You too? Yeah. It’s time to take a break.

Summer, glorious summer, reaches out to us. The promise of fun times and new experiences after so many months of staying inside by ourselves is inescapeable—and why would you want to? I want to get out and experience everything! Going to our favorite little Mexican restaurant feels exotic. The idea of taking a hike or visiting the arboretum seems like a dream come true. Going grocery shopping with Stephanie enchants me.

Relaxing In Hammock

We’re emerging into the warm sunshine as the pandemic restrictions ease.

And this is why I am encouraging you to spend July refiling your creative well!

Our creative wells need replenishment with all sorts of wonderful experiences, sights, and sounds after this long time of fear and upheaval. Returning to the office or co-working space after so much time means finding your groove again in that old/new space. As we get our hair cut and see our friends in real life and plunge into the arms of family, we’re finding new ways to be out in the world.

And that’s why I’ve created the “Refill Your Creative Well Not-A-Challenge.” During July, I invite you to engage in this joyous re-connection with the world and your body to refill your creative well.

In this “Not-A-Challenge” email series, we’ll get inspiration to enjoy summer fun, take time away from our creative pursuits, and rejuvenate our bodies with meditation, rest, and healthy activities. Our souls will embrace joy and follow our curiosity. Our hearts will plunge deep into connection with family, friends, and communities.

Doesn’t this just sound delicious?

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