The May Report


May ended up being a month of adjusting my focus. As I continued to pitch articles to expand my coaching audience and companies to develop my writing services, the silence rolled in like waves on the seashore. Oh! The utter quiet of modern rejection is the part about writing that I dislike the most.

On the other hand, I actually did a little in-person networking in May. Once my immunity kicked in from the vaccine, I ventured out to a business mixer. All seemed to go very well, and I connected with people who I’d never met. Just conversing seemed more than enough, but I thought I’d made some good contacts as well. However, it wasn’t to be as my follow-up emails and phone calls generated only one lukewarm response. *Cue sad music.

With all of this quiet, I decided to venture forth with the new project I mentioned in last month’s report. It moves me into more of a creator/artist space with my writing, and I’ll talk more about it in this month’s transformation.

But now for May’s progress on my goals:

* Launch the Unlocking Your Creativity guide – I am continuing to plan a class/workshop to go through the Unlocking Your Creativity guide parts and get some feedback before moving forward with the publication of this piece. In May, a book dropped into my mailbox, “How to Write a Book that Sells You” by Robin Colucci. That book changed the way that I looked at this guide, and I plan to do a little rewrite and make some additions to this book so it promotes the transformational aspect of my coaching.

* Actively Working My Marketing Plan for Coaching – I continued to query and pitch guest posts to websites, but I’m also starting to experiment with a video/podcast series to give people more of an idea of me and what I do. Still haven’t put it out there yet, but look for it in the coming months.

* Developing the newsletter and writing service – I’m still pitching my services for this, and did have one piece published. That process was lots of fun as I had to watch several of the Star Wars movies as research.
* Happy Star Wars Day, –

* Writing Book/Booklets – I’m still planning to write these, but some other writing has taken precedence for the moment. As soon as I get that project underway, I’ll be able to return to these exciting pieces.

May’s Transformation

This past month, I realized that I needed to expand my creative life and embark on an artistic project. “Diary of a Lesbian Housewyfe” is a lightly comic essay series that I wrote first, as a column and then a blog. Now, I am transforming them into a newsletter subscription with a paid option.

I’m doing this for two reasons. First, it really is time for me to get back to my creative writing. This humorous memoir style allows my snark and sass free rein, which is a refreshing and rejuvenating space for my artistic inner brat.

Second, the newsletter format is something I’ve been working with for others, and I wanted to experiment with doing one of my own. Walking the talk of my own sermons to clients teaches me that path.

For a while, I’ve felt confident in saying “I am a writer” as I network. Making the decision to pursue this project, however, really means that I’m making decisions as a writer-entrepreneur. It’s a sign that I am truly building a lasting piece of my writer/editor/coach practice.

Brass Tacks (Otherwise known as The Metrics)

May didn’t bring a lot of progress, but at least none of the numbers fell backward.

Paying clients. My paid client number stayed the same.

Subscribers to my Email List. I gained another subscriber to my email list in May.

Income. I increased my income by 18% from April to May.

My goal for May was to “Do the Work in Front of Me.” With my new newsletter endeavor, my goal for June is to “Walk the Talk.”