Playing with Dewey Decimal

Pull out a pair of dice and head to your local library.

We’re going to do a little research.

Once there, throw your dice. Add the numbers together. Whatever number comes up, head into the nonfiction section of your library and find it. You can look for the number at the beginning of the book number or the end (I recommend picking one or the other)

surrounded by books

but dig around through the books with that number on them. The first book you find that sparks any sort of interest, grab it. Pull two or three in the exact same manner and check them all out.

(I’d have you do this whole process in the library, but I think that still might be a month away.)

Take them home and skim them, dipping further in when something catches your eye. Indulge your curiosity into these random subjects.

Do your research, and see what inspiration your curiosity sparks!