Play with Your Non-Negotiables

Have some fun with your creative ritual this week! Incorporate some whimsy. Have you always wanted to do your work while wearing a tiara? Dust off your rhinestones and be the queen of your studio! Or do you dream of lounging on a couch in the middle of the day, reading a book that will help you in your work? Give yourself twenty minutes at 2:30 and try it out.

Whatever you decide, commit to that action for a week before discarding it. Keep a journal of your actions and see how your creative work develops. Does lighting a candle and chatting with your muse make your story come one day but not the next? Try it again to see if you get two out of three or five out of seven. Keep track of your results, making note of how they affect your spirit, your heart, and your body.

Establishing a creative habit means creating a ritual that propels us into our work each day. This ritual establishes your sacred space, encouraging your imagination and curiosity to come out and play with you.

Play with your process. I promise you won’t go blind.