Scents of Memory

Scents plunge you into memory faster than almost anything else I know. Walking the dogs yesterday morning, I smelled a wisp of flowers, ones I couldn’t even identify, and they dropped me into the memory of spring mornings in late May in Steamboat Springs when lilacs and melted snow mingled into an aroma I called “Fruit Stripe Gum Air.” I remembered gardens filled with tulips and patches of old snow clinging to the shadows on the north sides of houses.

Play with your scent memory. Use essential oils, herbs, spices, cut flowers, the woods and lawns and gardens around you. Get quiet, close your eyes, and inhale the aroma. Let your memories show up. Be with them and travel down that nostalgic road for a little while.

Document your journey through words, sketches, clay, metal, glass, yarn. Pick your medium and plunge into the memory once more.