What Could Go Wrong? How About Everything!

Does nothing seem to be working in your project? Are you swirling around the same problem with no solution in sight?

Throw caution to the wind and put your project on the “Goes Wrong Show”.

For the “Goes Wrong Show,” go through your project and add every single way something could go wrong with it. Get silly. Get crazy. Break your project to pieces.

FYI – You will want to do this on paper with a pen or on a copy—not on the actual thing. This is a space to break things, so make sure you leave your original intact.

This is what I mean: say you are working on a scene in your next story. Take each action in that scene and make the character, the set-piece, the sky, do exactly the wrong thing. Do you want it sunny? Make the clouds weep with rain. Is the heroine supposed to kiss her lover? Make her slap him. In the middle of the fight for the home, collapse the walls. Give the dog the power to speak. Take the world you’ve so meticulously constructed and turn it on its head with absurdity.

This exercise isn’t confined to writing. Use it in the scene you’re rehearsing, taking the most extreme opposite choices of what the words call for. Drop it into a design, adding skulls to your teddy bear teatime. Work it into your sketch of a summer landscape with snowflakes dropping on the girl in a sundress.

Get wacky, get absurd, get so very wrong that it might even end up being right.

(If you need inspiration, check out “The Goes Wrong Show” on Amazon Prime.

It’s so stupid and so random and So. Much. Fun.)