The Audaciousness Of The Naive

There’s a card in the Tarot deck called “The Fool.” In most decks, he’s portrayed as a young man. His face is turned up toward the sun as he strolls along. You can see that his next step will take him over a cliff.

So, when the Fool walks off the cliff, will he fall or will he fly?

Those among us with eyes and common sense say “Of course, he will fall. Gravity exists. He’s about to step off a cliff. How can he avoid tumbling down the sharp rocks?”


We’ve all seen happy, naive people about to step off that cliff, lacking the knowledge that their actions will send them crashing down. We’ve flinched as neighbors, friends, and family have smiled and taken that next step while yelling “Watch! It’s gonna be terrific!”

We’ve watched them walk off that cliff…

And we’ve watched them fly, soaring into the clouds in ways we could only imagine. Their wings grew quickly as they launched their incredible art projects, their successful businesses, their amazing adventures.

So, with all of our knowledge and our experience, why can’t we do that?!

Because we allow our ignorance to stop us.

As we gain knowledge, we finally learn enough to know that what we don’t know far outstrips what we know. And we let that lack of information arrest us in place.

That’s why we need to experiment and push ourselves and keep learning as we go ahead and…

Jump off the cliff.

Because when we do, we realize that our wings already exist.

I read an article once that reported that, given the same job description, a woman who has 95% of the qualifications for a job will believe she’s unqualified and won’t apply while a man who has 60% of the qualifications will believe he’s qualified and will apply. What I want you to carry away is not the man/woman part. It’s the fact that people who know more, who have more information, who know how the world works and the giant mountains which must be climbed in order to make it, put themselves into that same position. They will believe they can’t do something because they don’t have 5% of what they know they need in order to get there. They feel like they need to learn that final 5% before they can even begin.

But, in order to learn that final 5% – to really get it into your head and your hands and your soul – you need to jump off that cliff and fly. You need to apply for the job, to purchase the supplies, to start writing the story, to walk through the experience so you know what is on the other side.

And you need to know, in your deepest heart, that you can do it. You can learn that final 5% in the air, because you have the skills to learn it. You have the knowledge to back it up. You have the experience to make it happen.

Harness the audaciousness of the naive by forgetting how impossible your dreams are. Embrace the knowledge that you have the ability to fly. Remember that when you step out onto the ledge, the air will hold up your strong wings and let you flap, flap, flappity-flap up into the beautiful blue sky.

The white swan flies

You’ve got all of the tools. You just need the confidence—that confidence that says, “Yes. Yes, you can FLY.”

And I’m here to support you in finding that confidence. In looking at you and looking at your next project and saying, “Yes. You can do this. Let’s FLY!”

You are enough. You have enough. You can trust yourself.

Flap away, little bird!