The March Report


During March, the training for my replacement at my old office finally diminished to a point where I’m able to spend the majority of my time on my own practice. This is a great relief and a panic for me. I’m not getting the majority of my income from one source anymore, and so am constantly moving. Hustle, hustle, baby! Thank goodness the stimulus money arrived when it did! Those funds are keeping us afloat for the moment as I increase my income from other sources.

Frankly, part of my business becoming financially viable is being in a place where the majority of my income DOESN’T come from one source. A truly healthy business works best with no client making up more than 10% of your income. This distribution allows you to survive if any of your clients walk away suddenly. Sure, it’s not the best to lose a client, but replacing only 10% of your income rather than replacing 50% of your income is a lot easier.

* Launch the Unlocking Your Creativity guide – No forward movement occurred this month with this guide, so it will be moving into the second quarter. I am looking forward to getting this finished piece out into the world, and so this process will move up in my priorities list.

* Find a place to blog regularly – In March, I had two pieces published:
* Tricking Yourself into a Creative Habit, Psychology Today

* Creating Your Own Rituals: Tips on Creating Your Own Sacred Space to Do Your Necessary Work,

I also submitted a piece to be published at the DIY MFA website which is scheduled to be published on April 16th.

I’m continuing to pitch my work to other sites. My marketing in this way is meant to expand my audience for my creativity & business coaching.

* Create a list-building strategy with my free guide, Tricking Yourself into a Creative Habit – I did create a list-building strategy with my free guide, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with it for yet another month. Networking is so uncomfortable for me, and I continually struggle. However, when I actually put myself out there and share a quick response in a chat, people respond positively and I usually get at least one new follower. HAhaha! (That’s my nervous cackle of a laugh.)

* Launch the newsletter and writing service – I have completed this goal with a short list of clients using this service. I know how to sell this work, and am expanding my income from it at this time. Strangely enough, even though chatting in a group (online or in real life) scares the living bejesus out of me, I am very comfortable writing an email or a proposal to pitch my writing services.

March’s Transformation

I entered March like a lion, ready to take on the world. That quickly dissolved into a bit of panic. However, I’m leaving March with a newfound confidence that I can make this business happen. Though it’s not going as fast as I’d hoped, I am making progress and really, it’s happening pretty quickly.

My transformation in March was that I went from saying I am a professional writer to feeling like I am a professional writer. Within my coaching and writing services, the majority of my income shifted to coming from my writing. While the money always makes me feel like my work has been recognized and appreciated, having feedback on my work like “THIS IS AWESOME!” and “I LOVE IT!” really supports my confidence level. The work I’m doing one-on-one with clients on their newsletters is truly transformative for me and for them.

Brass Tacks (Otherwise known as The Metrics)

Having measurable outcomes allows me to really track my progress. These are the three that I’m tracking.

Paying clients. My paid client number increased by 60%.

Subscribers to my Email List. I gained another six subscribers to my email list in March.

Income. I increased my income by 74% from February to March.

My goal for March was to “Build a Financial Foundation” and I’m working toward that for sure. That will stay my goal for April.