Image Play: Flower Girl in Holland

Flower Girl in Holland, 1887, George Hitchcock

Every once in a while, an inspirational image appears. It provokes and endears, and makes me want to find out more. At these times, I spend a few minutes playing with the art – writing a poem, singing a song, dancing with the figures traveling around a pot. Now, it’s your turn!
Look at this sweet girl, selling flowers in the countryside in Holland back in the 1880’s. The bunch of daffodils held in her far hand. The questioning gaze upward. The stark attitude of the house she faces.

Take this image and play with it. Write a poem to her from the person in the home where she’s selling her flowers. Paint a picture and abstract her and her flowers. Take a moment and draw her realistically from another angle. Change her into a cartoon. Compose a short song to her, soft and sweet like the springtime she ushers in with her bundles of daffodils. Dance your interpretation of her sales pitch. Tell us her story or the story of the person observing her.

Play with your medium, or experiment with something you haven’t tried before. Slip away from real life and spend some time with this darling child.

I found this image at the Art Institute of Chicago’s website  through a search engine called Museo that serves up copyright-free images from museums around the world.