In the Spirit of Spring Cleaning

To cultivate creativity, we must make space. Most times when I speak of making space, I’m talking about time. Finding little nooks and crannies of time and attention for your creativity through meditation or deliberate practice.

However, making physical space creates mental space as well. The act of clearing the detritus from our studio or office or corner of the kitchen allows us the physical room that we need to unfurl our wings. It pushes us to feel the worth of our creative endeavors. It frees us to say “This area is for my creative project.”

This week, take a little time and clear out one little corner of your creative space. You might have a drawer that needs going through, old electronics to recycle, books to give to friends. Perhaps your supplies need refreshing – old dried-out markers, frozen tubes of paint, findings and pebbles and crushed bits of glass. Toss the useless and replace only what is necessary.

Does the placement of everything make sense? Try moving things around. Perhaps that bookcase needs to move to another wall. Maybe the boxes of yarn could live around the corner. If you cleared out that closet, could you make more room for supplies? Or move things out of your eyeline which are disturbing to you?

Once you are done clearing, embrace your newfound elbow room. Step back and enjoy the space you’ve made. Close your eyes and feel your wings expand.

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