Time to Spring Into Action

As the light returns with the advent of Spring, my energy lifts as well. New ideas and activities and projects begin to tumble into my mind. Ambition grows and pushes my creative business to grow along with it.

Beautiful morning in the countryside.

Do you feel this way too?

I bet you do. We can’t help it. We’re programmed to expand as the light increases, reproducing and growing and manifesting our best and brightest beings into the warmth of summer!

Starting new projects means finding new space in our already busy lives though. Sneaking into the little holes of time and carving out a nook to explore a new project can feel daunting.

How about we do it together?

One of the ideas that returns to my consciousness again and again is a weekly group coaching session.

Walking the path towards a new goal is less daunting with a group. The group builds accountability, pushing you to make progress toward your dream. We support each other through the challenges and offer support to get over the obstacles.

The other thing the group allows is affordability. All of us creatives work within our means, and sometimes they are meager—especially when you are starting out! With the events of the past year, I’ve seen the necessity for a more affordable option grow. Everyone deserves to pursue their dream with support. This is one thing I can do.

The cost for this work is $80/month—only $20/session.

When I have participated in this type of coaching, I emerged with my creativity awakened after each session, ready to return to my work. With passion ignited, working toward my goals each week felt more exciting than scary. Real progress resulted.

I only make this offer because I know how powerful this type of coaching can be. And I really want to make it work for you.

As interested parties step forward, we’ll set the time and day for our weekly get-togethers.

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